Jun 4, 2012

Travelling your bike on an aeroplane

Turkish Air, supposedly not in particular, charged 60 Eur to carry sporting good from Amsterdam (Euro zone 1?) to Indonesia. That's not bad if you have a descent bike or the one that has accompany you for getting a degree, for example.

This is what I did. I ask bike shop for a big cardboard box to contain it. But I didn't do that immediately. I did it on the street side before entering the airport with the rest of my luggage on the trolley. Why? You still can burden your bike for the very final travel to the train station and a minute before hopping inside air port.

Was that for real? Thay was the plan, actually. but apparently my 18kg luggage plus 1 handbag and 1 laptop bag plus a big (folded) cardboard box were too much for my little red Batavus folding bike. After several meters, the rope strangle the ace and I should turn to plan B: calling an airport taxi and pay 30 euro extra. Not bad for 3 bags, 1 bike and 1 pack of cardboard box.

Of course, fixing the box aside the street draw people attention. Particularly those who need open space for a cigarette smoke. But I remember my friend's say: "Nggak ada urusannya sama orang lain. Kita lagi butuh itu."

Hm.. a little hassle that pay the price for bike lover.

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