Jun 4, 2012

Does tulip has a go on international flight?

Short answer is yes. At least, that's what the peple at Schiphol Airport wish. There exist blumen winkel selling bucket of the flower for 30euro and 24 bulbs of many colors for 18euro. The bulbs has also been pre-treated to be readily planted on soil. It also has certification and procedures to make it flowering after about 24 days. Well, that's what I remembered. I didn't buy myself since it sounds expensive for returning Indonesian's PNS. Sorry.

In addition, the guy at the flower shop at Albertcuypmarkt provide a little clue: put the bulbs in freezer for 2 days then plant it in soil. The freezing is to mimic winter. In Nederland, tulip is planted in autumn and it will starts grow in spring. Perhaps, that means after 5 months.

Next year, I will be returning to Amsterdam so hopefully this will be sorted out better. This time, pipes and stroopwafels are fine.

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