Mar 1, 2012

Populate 118 ESRI asci files in Grass GIS

Next quest in Grass is to populate 118 ESRI ascii files (1 return period) produced by SOBEK hydrology model suite into (relatively) 1 file. Sure that can be done using GUI, but repeating 118 files with several clicks each? That's not elegant. And yet potentially create mistakes.

A view on Grass GUI command execution reveal: input=D:\analysis\51\dm1emc01.asc output=51dm1emc01@hazard

Next quest is to write a file listing all the asc on the first column and output on the second column and pass this file onto the "" process. More problem yet, Grass GIS command line and cygwin lives in different places. Grass one is a DOS terminal with Linux' bash taste while Cygwin is real Linux terminal inside Windows.

Getting Grass inside Cygwin? Lot's of dependecy to take care.

Hm .. if only I got a Linux box here ...

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  1. The solution I made is by creating a 2 files of input and output inside msys (home) directory under Grass installation in windows while moving my data there.
    The file is being read as input and output in process and the 118 files is processed in nearly no time.
    Same method (google "reading input output file in bash") should be implemented to upload 118 raster file into Grass XML, to save another 7x118 clicks inside Grass.

  2. Make (lines of) echo doang (sampel awal)