May 17, 2009

Mr. Gates new brand

Saya ngeliat foto Mr.Gates sama Mr. Bloomberg di "Scientific American 10" - June 2009, artikel tentang top 10 people for human health and the environment. Since I'm a Linux fans for years, the show ups has alarmed me. But this time, Mr. Gates act as Co-Chair of Bill and melinda gates foundation and his colleague is maYor of new York CitY.

What they do? Battle killer tobacco with a $375-million global antismoking initiative.

Saya kira, ini adalah perselingkuhan politisi dan orang kaya -yang kebetulan juga teknokrat- paling hebat untuk bekerjasama sedikit diluar ruang kerja mereka.

If I'm in between the reviewer, I'll put Linus in line for his work has attempt to save tons of electronic rubbish into working machine. Those of old computers, Atari games box, perhaps then chips in our washing machine to be revived and use i.e. in school of developing countries. Legally.


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