May 8, 2011

Nokia 9300 and Linux

In my Linux hardware tag entitled Evolusi gadget, I wrote that a final gadget should be those relied on Google Android. Well, this seems ultimately true, but Android implementation in market today rely much on touch pad/screen which is not as fast as normal e.g. N9300 keyboard. This is a drawback when we wish a gadget as a scratch pad, while away from desktop/laptop.
This brings my desire back to N9300 for its morphology and size. About compatibility, it seems a hack to N9300 cdb database must fill the need for Contact export/import to any Linux PIM software. Others is on search.

That's my note for the weekend, while the children is sleeping.

Other method is using SyncML. But it seems Nokia 9300 is not very much supported even though it is listed. The truthful service probably is Ubuntu One. It says only contact can be synced.

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