Feb 18, 2010

Adding Plone products in Lenny

Example for Products namely Maps (check http://www.pypi.org for more products). Don't forget requirements.
  1. untar Maps1.1
  2. move to /usr/share/zope/Products/Maps
  3. sudo dzhandle -z2.10 add-product plone-site Maps
  4. restart instance
  5. refresh page
  6. Add Products from the site's ZMI
But it's not always succesfull.
Perhaps I must go it from the buildout inside /usr or /var before doing some dzhandle.
Or run purely from buildout as said in Packtpub's Plone book?

This provide good discussion on it:
Jens W. Klein found by keyword "debian buildout" at http://plone.org/documentation

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