May 24, 2009

Biofuel and land management

I have heard pros and cons about getting biofuel to life. In my word, the pros is like saying fossil fuel use is like erupting carbons that is should be left contained within the earth's subsurface and using biofuel is aimed to maintain the level or bring it back down from the atmosphere. The cons says environmental costs itself of getting biofuel is too expensive in the shorter term like 20 years.

So far, I agreed with the brand Biodiesel and Gasohol, both sent out by BPPT, which biological content is 5-30%. That's very practical.

But the interview with Marcos Buckeridge (Professor of Plant Physiology at São Paulo University, São Paulo, Brazil) may be a start for a new direction. Particularly, since the land occupation is only about 1% of total Brazil's agricultural space.

Growing biofuel without razing the rainforest

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